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Passion—NaPoWriMo #23

Have you ever met someone
who is truly passionate about

Have you watched as their
eyes lit up and a smile
spread across their face at
just the mention of that
which they hold most precious
in their lives?

Have you watched as it
transformed them before
your eyes into someone who
is almost unrecognizable?

Have you stopped to listen
to them as they talk about
it and about what it means to
them personally?

Have you shared in their
enthusiasm as they are once
again overcome by the love
they have for whatever it is
that they like to do?

Many people have interests
but few people have passions.
Few people have developed
a love for something that is
so strong they could not imagine
living their lives without it.

Their passion drives them.
Consumes them.
Takes over them whenever it
enters their lives and they are
completely transformed by
just the thought of it.

Have you ever just taken
a second to appreciate
a moment so simple and rare
as a person who is living
their passion?

—Written April 23rd, 2014

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